Hi, I'm Alexander (n0mn0m in some spaces)

Maker / Mentor / Forever a student

Currently located in Louisville, KY USA I enjoy creating and working on projects that intersect with every day life.

During the day I am at Humana where I help data scientist deploy models that assist providers in understanding patient history and events.

Previously I worked at Elastic as a Senior Software Engineer at where we launched the initial billing integrations for GCP Marketplace. Before that I was a Senior Analytics Consultant for Aspect building solutions in the retail and airline industries.

I obtained my BS in Computer Information Technology from Western Kentucky University where I focused on network hardware and database technologies. I continue to learn through a variety of platforms such as EdX, Element14 and technical publishers like No Starch and Manning.

When I am not at work I like to find opportunities to give back via open source and my local community. I have helped develop and teach Python courses with Code Louisville, I'm one of the co-organizers and founders of the Louisville Hardware Happy Hour and I'm reguarly involved with DerbyPy our local Python user group. Additionally I like to write, contribute to OSS and I'm constantly looking for something to hack on. Lately most of my personal projects have centered on using a variety of hardware platforms to find new ways to automate and interact with the world around us.

Aside from the technical I am the proud father of Maris and a gardener in the making.

If you want to know more you can check out my resume or reach out at where I enjoy chatting with others.

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